A usability evaluation of the mobile application

For the course ‘Usability & User Experience Evaluation’, which was part of my master program,  we were supposed to evaluate an existing application. Me and my group decided to look at the mobile application of food ordering company Thuisbezorgd ( Around the time of the project, they had just updated their application which included significant changes to its navigation features. We chose to do 12 think aloud sessions with students between 18 and 24 years old. Participants were asked to do three different tasks within the app, such as: “look up how many restaurants can be found with a score of at least 4 stars and free delivery, where you can order Turkish pizza.” Also, participants were asked to fill in the System Usability Scale (SUS) after doing the tasks to get a more extensive evaluation of the app. Based on the results, we formulated several recommendations to improve the application’s usability. 

The main recommendations that resulted from this usability study can be found in the image below. 

Type of project

Study project

Main method

Think aloud


Gavin Schipper

Maryse van Dalen

Sophie van Gent

Peter Konieczek

Noelle Cirkel

Stijn Wessels